Welcome To Harbinger News Australia!

Thankyou for visiting the Harbinger News Australia Website. This site has been built for Australian Patriotic citizens and residents to network with the ‘non-mainstream’ community in the hopes of creating a centralized hub for communications, alerts, organizing meetings and survivalist, Prospecting, Bushcraft and other training workshops that are intended to empower the individual and strengthen the community by providing things such as emergency short term relief in times of crisis, safe-houses, emergency rendezvous locations, access to seed banks and information on how to ‘harden’ your premises amongst other things.

There has been talk of an “Aussie Militia” of sorts, and while what I intend to achieve falls short of the term militia, I do intend to create a community that is ready for any kind of emergency, natural or otherwise. I STRESS STRONGLY that this is NOT A MILITANT GROUP, and we do encourage (reasonable) co-operation with any AUSTRALIAN Government agency, including the Police, C.I.B. and ASIO, ACIC, AUSTRACK etc.

As of this date (17-5-2019), membership is free to all for the next few months, the first 50 legitimate members will receive lifetime free membership and everyone else will pay $15 per Quarter for Employed members and $5 per Quarter for Pensioners, Veterans and the unemployed. This will go DIRECTLY to funding this website and continuance of the services available.

Members currently have access to our IRC server (harbinger-news.com) and email services, which are all encrypted using 2048 bit RSA/SSL point to point encryption. Very soon I will be incorporating a PGP system into the Email and Internal messaging services and will be issuing members with FREE SSL certificates and 2048-bit encrypted PGP Identity certificates for use with Kleopatra or similar Private Key Managers, Hardware Security Keys like Yubikey or Titan USB devices and 2 factor authentication.

Please treat each other with respect and dignity on the forums and more importantly, stay secure!!!

-Zeeke (Sysadmin) jason@harbinger-news.com