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Terms and conditions
Members of this site must agree to the following pre indicated criteria before membership will be considered and for membership to be continued.
1.) It is understood that freedom of speech includes the freedom to criticize, but under NO EXCEPTION will hate speech, white/black/whatever supremacism, (or just attacks in general toward ANY blanket group of people ie. ALL Greeks, or ALL Arabs, or ALL Americans). Is NOT TOLERATED! 2.) This site is the property of Harbinger-News Australia, and all information contained on it is the sole property of the user that contributed it, and unless otherwise stated, do NOT share it with non-members or unverified members. *IMPORTANT NOTE* Due to the nature of this site, which is to bring together and provide a secure communications and information network for the survival and preservation of life POST catastrophic system failure, many people would prefer to be known by aliases or pseudonyms, which is fine and even permitted to improve or make sure that your OPSEC is not compromised. As such, I would advise against non-PGP based comms when referring to specific names and places. 3.) NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY WILL BE TOLERATED! Your past is your past, but upon joining this site you agree that to the community of this site you HAVE NO PAST, only a Future. Hence, any members who are found guilty of Drugs (more than 1 gram of powder or pharmaceutical grade suspension), Violent robberies, Sex crimes, crimes against kids, crimes against women, or ANY SERIOUS criminal activity, AFTER joining, will be suspended pending the outcome of the charges and will be held accountable to the rest of the community by at the very least, a temporary exclusion and vote to continue membership. In such an occurrence you would need to provide your full court brief provided to you and accredited by your Lawyer. This is designed to stop people from bringing our community into disrepute and is really the ONLY MAIN line in the dirt. So to speak. 4.) Members must attend an in-person meeting at LEAST once every THREE months, or have a good excuse not to. 5.) Treat people on this board, as you want to be treated by your fellow person. And Be cool to each other!! 🙂 -Jason (Admin)

Hey people, Welcome to the Harbinger News Australia Sites’ NEW and partially self coded platform, running WordPress and Astra! This Site is for The Perth community of Preppers, Survivalists, Prospectors, Ex Military, and people who are worried about a possible foreign invasion of our sovereign land, the Land our Fathers, Grandfathers, and countless others have died for in building and protecting. We now face a possible invasion from the North (relative to Australia), by Armies that make our combined military forces look like a bit of a bad joke, when you consider how hopelessly outnumbered we are, even IF, in a last ditch effort we re-introduced conscription at 17 years and 6 months for a minimum term of basic training plus 18 months in an active unit, how many of them would pass the BASIC fitness minimums? How many could read and write properly? How many would be Junkies? Most importantly (it seems these days) how many would demand to be addressed by these stupid gender pronouns? And how many would be literally be undiagnosed serial killer types or radicalized extremists?

This site is my attempt to build a free and open platform for the TRUE BLUE Patriots of our country to communicate and build their networks, Provide Training in person for all sorts of Survival skills and Passive Self Defence training amongst others like Workshops on how to build a basic electrical generator to purifying and pouring your own gold and silver coins or buttons. 

I am VERY SERIOUS about OPSEC and all members will at least get a phonecall as part of the vetting process, Surnames are NOT to be used in unencrypted comms, including those on the irc server irc://harbinger-news.com:6667

OPSEC MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES and as such, when you create your account I encourage you to use your REAL first name, but Aliases for Surnames. It is preferable to refer to people by their decided alias instead of First name, and Location details, SPECIFIC details are NEVER EVER to be sent in an unencrypted format. The FIRST THING you should do when joining is to Download a PGP Management system of your choice, (I recommend using OpenPGP, OpenKeyChain for mobile devices, and the PuTTY Suite for laptops and desktops in combination with Lastpass.com and a YubiKey 5 NFC/USB Hardware Security Key)

I kindly ask you ALL to observe OPSEC and Situational Awareness in ANY comms that pertain to meetings of the community, ensuring there is nobody following you to our Secure Locations and making sure you are not being monitored or surveilled is of the HIGHEST import and anonymity online is the key in my opinion. Please note that the Police are not considered a threat to OPSEC and if REAL criminals are hiding amongst us and using our systems, be assured that they will rapidly be uncovered and given options that do not include the police, that said, if any warrant for information is requested by the WAPOL or ACIC etc. IT IS TO BE COMPLIED WITH TO THE LETTER, but NO Member shall, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, make ANY kind of statement to the police. If any questions are to be asked, please provide them with my e-mail address. (Jason@Harbinger-news.com)

Members are reminded that in ANY and ALL Police and Criminal interviews, you have a RIGHT to have a Lawyer PRESENT and a RIGHT to ‘Stand Mute’, which is to refuse to answer any questions by maintaining complete silence, including when they ask your name, although if stopped by an officer you MUST provide your Name, Address, D.O.B. , and Phone number. Note that any REAL criminal behaviour is NOT PERMITTED to be engaged in by ANY member, and ANY such proof pertaining to such illegal activities will be made available VIA T.A.N. or T.A.R. request to the owner of this site. Otherwise keep it above board and our community will THRIVE!

-Jason (Admin)